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Interactive iPad / iPhone
Case Accessory

Padzilla is an interactive accessory for iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. The display incorporates the latest multi-touch technology and software to allow your mobile tablet or phone to be increased in size, while keeping the same touch functionality that everyone knows and loves! Padzilla also supports up to 32 multi touch points, a front facing camera*, and a working home/sleep button. We offer multiple sizes ranging from 32” to 90“. And best of all, Padzilla does not require any type of "jailbreak" or software hacking to work! Stay up to date with the latest iOS versions without issues!

Access over
800,000+ Apps!

By using the Padzilla Interactive Case, you can plug an iPad, iPhone, or Android device to use existing apps or any other downloaded/purchased apps on the App Store. This allows Padzilla to become a multi-purpose device coupled with a giant display. Padzillas are great for live demos, architecture, marketing, retail, interactive maps, and gaming. With the entire App store at your disposal, the possibilities are endless!

True Remote iOS Management,
Login, View, & Control with Your Mouse

Crunchy Mac

Remotely log into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch via included Mac Mini computer for support or updates. Share iPad screen and control over GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Skype during video conferencing or meetings; Hear Padzilla audio remotely and give live demos as well as presentations from anywhere!

Dynamically Interact with Padzilla via Keyboard and Mouse
Change settings and preferences.
Add new apps or updates.
Remotely test software on Padzilla.
Simulate Padzilla hardware buttons.

Multiple OSs
and Inputs

Padzilla is an interactive accessory that gives its users a choice to personalize it however they would like. It allows you to use it on most operating systems*; If you are an android or iOS fanatic, you have the option of using whichever you prefer. It has many other uses as well. For example, it can be used as a computer monitor or display that runs Windows or OS X with touch capabilities.
*Apple iOS and Apple OS X are the primary operating systems used in a standard Padzilla. Other operating system configurations are available upon request.

Padzilla Rentals

Renting Padzilla for your tradeshow, event, or presentation has never been easier! Our event team has provided rental Padzilla units and Interactive Touch Screens to most major convention centers across the United States and Europe which makes scheduling freight delivery, loading dock/marshalling yard access, setup and breakdown a very streamlined process.

Padzilla draws crowds no matter where it is displayed. Guests and conference attendees are drawn into the display because they recognize the shape of the screen and already know how to use the interface. Padzilla will draw a crowd and engage guests with its endless supply of entertainment. Padzilla is ideal for conferences, conventions, tradeshows, presentations and corporate meetings.

It’s challenging to find a giant iPad cheap or cheap iPad rentals. Our Padzilla is an iPad monitor that can be vertically wall mounted or on a stand. It can also be a table monitor mounted horizontally. When you want your iPad big, an iPad table, a tablet table, we have the perfect solution to make your interactive experience stand out. Make your iPad large or your iPhone a for your iPad touch screen. Our Padzilla tablet rental includes a giant iPad touchscreen with your choice of iPad mini 2, iPad Pro, or iPhone 6 plus. Make your tablet big with our tablet touchscreen. Padzilla works with iPad and can use airplay wirelessly to make your iPad bigger and iPhone larger.

The minute people touch the Padzilla screen, they are hooked. The giant touch display provides amazing and seamless touch quality that will immediately engage clients and entertain for hours. Padzilla lets you download all of the apps from the Apple App store to appeal to your event audience and keep patrons engaged. Padzilla also makes a big impression on guests, which leads to more word of mouth marketing for your company.

We offer iPad rentals and larger tablet Padzilla rentals to make your app gigantic. Make padzilla an iPad video wall, iPad air server and an iPad interactive experience. Padzilla is an external monitor for your idevice that adds remote touch functionality to it. This extends the mirrored monitor of your iPad or iPhone to a very large touch TV.


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